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Manually Register Oracle Spatial Tables with ArcSDE – Filling the missing pieces

ESRI has a technical article talks about how to manually register Oracle Spatial tables with ArcSDE. But even if your data meets all the criteria, there is no guarantee that the registration would be successful. In fact, after following this article and several instructions on the Internet, I found that you will need to do more than meeting these criteria to make successful registration.

What I wanted to do

Register Oracle Spatial table with ArcSDE

What I have

Oracle table with SDO_GEOMETRY column


  1. Meet all criteria listed in ESRI’s technical article
  2. You MUST build spatial index for the table. Without the spatial index, the registered table will not draw in ArcMap or ArcCatalog
  3. The following parameters MUST be specified in sdelayer -o register:  -t, -P and -x. Watch out for -x. The first two parameters of -x have to cover the minimum extent of your data. Otherwise, the registered table will not draw
Here is the sde command that I used to register Oracle Spatial table:
sdelayer -o register -u <User> -p <Password> -s <Database Server> -l test_table,SHAPE -e l -C UNQ_ID -t SDO_GEOMETRY -S “Test” -P HIGH -x -400,-400,1000000000,0.000000008983153